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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Funding and Helping

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If you would like to assist Border Collie Rescue by funding or helping us, please take a moment to read the following information.

Border Collie Rescue Christmas cards and 2018 Calendars available now on mail order

Watch a short video outlining what we do and how you can help - "Smile"
Want To make a donation ? - find out more ? - click here !
Want to organise an event to raise funds or get yourself sponsored to take part in an event? - Click here
How is Border Collie Rescue Funded ? Want to help ? Information about getting involved.
Border Collie Rescue is run and staffed by unpaid volunteers.
We always need volunteers and the more people who volunteer to help or support the work of the charity, the more Border Collies we can help.
An Appeal for Books and other Material on Border Collies and dogs in general for the Border Collie Rescue Reference Library.

Border Collie Rescue - Keeping an "Eye" on the breed.

Border Collie Rescue - Keeping an eye on the breed
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The border collie rescue society is a specialist canine welfare charity based in the uk to help the border collie dog breed and the working sheepdog.
Border Collie Rescue On Line is the official website of this breed rescue organisation.
The society stands against puppy farming, animal abuse, animal testing, animal cruelty and dog exploitation of any sort - we trust you all share our concerns

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