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Lt Col Janet Pilgrim ran the Kielder Marathon to raise funds for Border Collie Rescue - to watch a video of the run - Click here

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Some of  these video's were filmed at our York Assessment and Rehab Centre. They are presented in chronological order.

We also have some earlier videos, filmed in standard definition in 4.3 format. These films can be viewed by Clicking here
Enjoy watching top sheepdogs herd? To see sheepdogs and handlers competing at the 2007 English National Sheepdog Trials - Click here

Sound On?

Fun with Shep and Tiger

A short video of two of our Golden Boys enjoying the snow, in February 2012, at the BCR Rehab centre set to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II.

Tiger and Shep came in to our care together. Their elderly owners had both died.
They had been bought as pups from separate sources and had grown up together as companions.
Shep is the Tricolour - a BC crossed with a show collie and Tiger is the Black and White Border Collie. Tiger is also deaf.
Shep has been his ears all his life and the two have a great bond.
Initially they did not get on with other dogs but they are learning to be friendly, even with a high energy dog like Tess who is also in the video.
Just goes to show - you're never too old to have fun. Both went to a new home together.

Two Stroke Tess

This is a short video about Tess, known as "Two Stroke" Tess to distinguish her from other dogs called Tess, like Deaf Tess, who were resident in Border Collie Rescue care at the same time.
Also known as 'The incredible Leaping dog", she was built for working trials, being capable of standing jumps over 4 ft 6 inch fences without a run up.
She could also manage long jumps of a good 10 ft with no serious effort and had a good nose for tracking with an inclination to speak!
We did not try her on 6 ft scales, but after she arrived she presented herself to people on the far side of 6 ft solid wood fences.
She was been beaten by the 6 ft 6 inch anti climb metal mesh security fencing that surrounded the  centre.

Masham Sheep Fair

A little bit of what goes on at Masham Sheep Fair.
There are a lot of things happening at this annual event that could not be included in this film. Craft fairs, wool sales, demonstrations, theatrics, fun fair, market stalls, brewery tours (did you know Masham has 2 acclaimed breweries - Theakstons and Black Sheep?) and lots more.

It's all things Sheep!

 Masham Sheep Fair is on every year and it's free! ! More at -

Snow Break

Dogs having a bit of fun in the snow on 26th January 2013 at the BCR York centre.
We had snow there for over a week, but on the Friday night a lot more fell and we woke up to a winter wonderland!
Sunrise on Saturday morning was bright and spectacular and the dogs loved the fresh snow. Had to video it.

Original music by NE Folk band Diad.

Puppy from Hell

A case history telling the story of a young Border Collie who started his life in the wrong sort of home.
This caused him all sorts of issues and the frustration made him very hyperactive and aggressive.
His owners were suffering constant bites and nips, rips and tears to their clothes and furnishings, messing in the house, extreme hyperactivity, barking and at feeding times it was risky being in the same room so they locked him out of the kitchen, put his food down and let him in while they got out!

At 11 weeks of age, his owners vet had recommended it would be best to have him put to sleep but in spite of his issues and the trouble he was causing them they loved him, so before taking that option they tried several rescues in an attempt to re-home him.
No-one would take him on, but one rescue suggested they try contacting us and we did.

He was a strong herder with intense eye and after some sessions around the sheep and some training by Nicki Oliver he relaxed a bit!
He was re-homed to be trained to be a sheepdog.

Spotted Flycatcher

In the summer of 2012, a pair of Spotted Flycatchers picked an unusual place to build a nest at our Border Collie rehab centre.
This film shows them working hard to bring up a clutch of four chicks. There is the occasional Border Collie in it as well!

We dedicate this film to Helen Connally, a dear friend, colleague and long time supporter of Border Collie Rescue who's kindness, care and friendship will be sorely missed by us and the dogs, particularly Mollie.

Music by Skiessi, with grateful thanks.


 A film to introduce people to our Collielaw Retirement Scheme, intended to help us find homes for less fortunate dogs we take in that may be disabled, have a long term medical condition or simply be getting on in years.

For more information visit this page on our website -

The last Highland Drove

Animated Video Slide show following the route of a traditional cattle drove from the Isle of Skye to Crieff Mart, re-created in 1981 as a record of the past.
Slides photographs by Irvine Butterfield. Copies donated to Border Collie Rescue by his estate.

Border Collies played their part.

Jup learning his sides

A video showing Jup learning sheepdog commands - Down as a stop and Come by and Away to move clockwise and anticlockwise round the sheep.

Jup was yet another puppy from hell and was due to be PTS. The vets called us first and we agreed to assess him and see what could be done. Although he had a history of aggressive and dominant behaviour, he has been as good as gold since we took him in and has proved to be intelligent, fast and very eager to learn. He relaxed a lot when we started him around the sheep and you can see he is enjoying himself.

He was born on a farm to working parents and may have had a bit of Kelpie in his background somewhere.
He should have been left on the farm. He would have been a lot happier with life.

Jup is a classic example of a common mistake summed up by the advice -
"Never take on a puppy from a farm to be a pet as you'll never be able to know what it will want to do when it grows up"!

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