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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - HQ and Contact Information


How to contact Border Collie Rescue

Registered throughout the UK as Border Collie Rescue Charity No 1128983 (UK) - Charity No SC040796 (Scotland) Non profit Charitable Company No 3037504 A Registered Voluntary Organisation.

To contact us by telephone, email or snail mail, please follow the directions for the service you require as detailed below.

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The volunteers who run our office are away on their summer break.
Our office will be closed until Tuesday 9th August at 2pm.

Coronavirus has affected our ability to operate in some respects
See our Covid 19 page for information about what we can and can't do during lockdown

Calls to any of our numbers may be recorded for quality control purposes.

Due to the large number of calls we get, we are often unable to respond to voicemail messages and phone people back.
If you urgently need to talk to us you will need to phone us during office hours.
An answerphone is available outside office hours or if all lines are busy, so if you need to pass on information which does not require a response or a need to speak to one of our volunteers, please leave a message.

Privacy, Personal Data and Cookies

Coronavirus has left us short of volunteers.
After 4th July 2020 and until further notice, our office hours will be from
2 PM to 5 PM - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only

For General enquiries, Information, Advice, Adoption and Re-homing,
Call our main office - on 0845 6044941
This is not a premium line - see below for approximate call provider charges.
Calls to 0845 numbers are usually included in call packages. If not, BT land lines are cheapest. Other service providers may charge more and mobile providers most certainly do. Costs with these providers will vary.
You may wish to check with your service provider first if you think your call will be a long one.
Calls regarding the adoption or re-homing of a dog are usually very brief but advice and information will be longer.
Bear in mind that providing good advice will take time - the advice is free but you do have to pay for the call.
We do not receive any part of these call charges

If you are with Vodaphone (45p to 65p pm) - O2 (55p pm) - Virgin (36p to 58p pm) - EE (11p to 65p pm) - change your service provider.
Asda / Plusnet / Post Office / Sky / K Com / Talk Mobile - all 15p pm or under - Asda is best at 8p pm.
Others around 25p pm but call from a landline if you can.

Calls may be monitored for training purposes.


For Breed Advice and advice on training and behavioural problems,
call our advice line on 0845 6044941 only on Mondays and Thursdays between 2 pm and5 pm.

We do not use FAX


If you have found a stray dog registered to us with one of our tags or microchipped in our name Telephone 0845 6044941.
If no-one is available to take your call, leave a message and we WILL get back to you.

Concerned about the cost of phone calls? Download Offcom guide to UK call charges here - pdf file
The costs of calling all the various UK telephone numbers (including ours) is explained in this acrobat document from Offcom - the telephone regulator.

Click her for some photos and information about Yorkshire and the Dales

Click here to find out how to adopt a dog from us

Correspondence address
Write to our registered office -
Border Collie Rescue, 57, Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 4JQ.

or email us at - - please read below

We do not enter into email exchanges regarding Adoption, Re-homing or Advice.
If your query is about any of these matters, please phone us during the office hours stated above for the service you require

Please note -
We get a lot of spam so incoming messages have to pass through a very sensitive set of filters.
If you send a message with no subject line or any swear words it will be deleted and we may never see it.
The same will apply if your subject line or message body contains certain words like medications, stocks and shares, watches, investments or any other wording that looks like it may be a sales pitch.
Never use the words Hello, Error or Good Day or anything like these in the message subject line - emails with viruses attached and phishing messages use these regularly and any messages with these words are silently deleted.

The following message applies to unsolicited marketing mail and spam - it does not apply to legitimate emails relating to enquiries about dogs or our activities.

The best way of ensuring that we will go out of our way not to use your services or products is to send us an unsolicited email, letter, mail shot or telephone call advertising them. You will be blacklisted and we will encourage others not to do business with you.

We never deal with anyone who send us unsolicited marketing messages and we never opt in or agree to receive them.
As a consequence, anyone sending us marketing messages are doing so without our consent.
It wastes our time and resources having to deal with these so we expect reimbursement from senders.

Sending us marketing email implies that you understand and agree to the contractual terms below and agree to be bound by them.

If you wish to send Border Collie Rescue - or any of its domains or email addresses - unsolicited sales or marketing mail, please note that we now levy a £10 sterling handling fee for each message we receive.
On receipt of an initial email message an account will be opened. Message handling fees will be charged to this account.
The company sending the messages will be jointly responsible for the settlement of the account along with the company on whose behalf messages are sent and whoever we locate first will be invoiced. It is to be clearly understood that any marketing or sales messages sent to Border Collie Rescue or any of its domains or email addresses are sent in full acceptance of these conditions and that payment of a handling charge of £10 per message is agreed by the sender.

Cheque payable to our Welfare Fund please. We have lots of dogs to feed.

We should add that we never knowingly buy products from companies or businesses that employ any direct marketing methods or use unsolicited messages in any media or medium to market their services or wares.

The best way of ensuring that we will go out of our way not to use your services or products is to send us an unsolicited email, letter, mail shot or telephone call advertising them.