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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Why would you support us?

What we do and who we are in nutshell


We are a single independent registered charity.

1 of 10's of thousands of charities dedicated to tackling a particular issue, mitigating the issue and
attempting to eradicate the problems causing the issue. So what makes us special?
Why should anyone support us?

By independent we mean we are not associated or in any way involved with any breeders, breeders Independent
clubs, breeders associations, breeding societies or influenced by commercial interests.
By issue we mean the problem of homeless, mistreated, abused and exploited Border Collies. We are
devoted to the breed.

We are not paid. We don't work for a wage at the end of the week. We, and anyone who works for or with us, work
because we love the breed.

We don't treat our dogs as 'goods and chattels', even if legally defined as property. We don't work on the basis that
they are all the same and treat them all in the same way and we don't rush them in and out as quickly as possible.
They are individual beings. Initially acquaintances when they come into our care but then becoming our friends and enriching
our lives by doing so. We get to know them and they us and from that knowledge we try to place them in permanent homes that best suit their needs.
Some working dogs we take in also become our colleagues. They help us by controlling sheep when we assess other dogs that come into our care. Without their help the work we have to do would be so much more difficult.
They deserve respect - and lifelong protection. We offer both.
In any and all cases we do not see a dog as animal that is so desperate it needs to be placed, as soon a possible, to virtually anyone who can be persuaded to offer it a home.
Persuasion takes many forms and the form most used in rescue is emotional. Photographs, emotive stories and invitations to help a suffering dog. We don't do that.
We tell people the truth about the dogs we offer them. We do not embellish or bend the facts to make a dog more attractive. We do not want a dog to come back. We don't want dogs becoming boomerangs, in and out of rescue with a donation made each time.
The dogs will suffer and so will people taking dogs on, especially families with kids who can be heartbroken if their new dog is sent back.
That is one reason why we don't advertise dogs. A dog that looks attractive in a photo may not fit into the homes being offered by the people who are attracted to it. We don't like having to say no.

When someone gifts their dog to us we guarantee to them that, to the best of our ability, we will provide for their dog for the rest of its life if the need arises. While they are in our care, dogs live good lives. They are not kenneled. They are cared for.
They are treated kindly, individually, with affection and respect. They get what they need and want for nothing.
Dogs in our care live the same sort of life they will live when we re-home them. There is a difference. With us it is temporary.
In respect of our primary object, dogs we take in are our clients and it is from their point of view that we look for suitable homes.
That is another reason why we do not advertise dogs. We want to choose the best home for a dog based on what it has told us about itself while in our care.

We recognise that often the dog is not the only victim of the situation which results in it coming into our care.
People who part with their dogs are usually very upset. Wouldn't you be? Things happen. Life changes.
Circumstances are often outside of the control of the people caught up in them.
If people contact us to ask us to take in their dog they do not deserve to be told off for needing to part with it, to be made to feel small, inadequate, a failure as a dog owner. They come to us for help and part of the help we provide is reassurance.
Everyone parting with their dog deserve to be treated as you would treat anyone needing help in any difficult situation.

People that call us for help and advice do so because they are trying to keep their dog with them rather than having to part.
We listen and do what we can.
If their dog has a behavioural issue they can call our advice line on Thursdays and speak to an expert
We are here to help people. It is part of the job description of every charity.
Dogs may be our priority but we are here for the benefit of the public as well as for the benefit of dogs.
We help where we can and if we cannot help we try to put people in touch with someone who can.

We recognise that in some cases people who apply to take on a dog have an emotional need or specific reason for needing a companion or working colleague. This needs careful consideration.
Some are elderly and some do not have a lot of money. That is why we have no fixed donation.
We don't want people to donate until they are sure a dog is the dog for them. That is why all our dogs start with a four week trial period.
At the end of the four weeks, if the dog is happy and the people are happy they seal the adoption with a donation.

We can help financially in some cases if people take a dog from us with medical liabilities. Sometimes we can cover costs of medication, tests or treatment and we will always take a dog back if circumstances change and it becomes difficult for someone to keep it.
If people are temporarily unable to meet the costs of keeping their dog we can provide small grants towards veterinary treatment of food.
It does not have to be a dog the person took from us - but it does have to be a Border Collie!

It's a big picture and difficult to take in but to see it you just have to take that one step forward and stand where we are.

If you like the way we do things, please help us keep doing them! All our funds are dedicated to assisting Border Collies in need.
There are many ways you could help - pick your choice from the menu on the left.

If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us, please phone 0845 604 4941 during office hours.
(2 pm to 5 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)

Please do not write to us or email us about adoption - we want to speak to you before we start the process.