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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - An Appeal for Books for our Library

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Border Collie Rescue - Keeping an "Eye" on the breed.


An Appeal for donations of books and items for our reference Library and Border Collie Collection of historical material.

Border Collie Rescue has been collecting books, videos, DVD's and other material for a reference library on the breed for some time on the basis that at some point in our future we would be in the position to make this material and information available for other people to use if they wished to research into the breed.

We have now reached that point and have premises to house the library and make it available for people to use and we are now stepping up our efforts to increase the size and scope of the library as a resource held in Trust by the Society for the future of the breed and for people interested in its past & present.

We think it is very important that the past should not be forgotten as the future depends on our understanding of the past. By collecting and compiling material on the breed from the past and the present in every form of media. we intend to preserve a record of the breed in all its various disciplines and variations for future generations to enjoy and employ.

There are many collections of Border Collie Books in private hands - some much larger than our own collection is at the moment - but we want to make our collection available in a way that private collections are not. Anyone will be able to make an appointment and come and access this material.

Over the last few years some authors have donated their books to the Society and some magazines and publishing companies have also contributed material. We thank them all for their donations and will put them to good use.

Recently, author and Border Collie enthusiast, Iris Coombe, has donated 40 books and some other material of historical interest from her personal collection to the Library, along with other items. We feel very honoured to be selected as the recipients of these and are grateful to her for the donation. Some of the books have been out of print for many years and are very difficult and expensive to obtain, some material is impossible to obtain.

As well as material on the Border Collie breed we are collecting material on dogs in general covering as many subjects and aspects of the species as we can collect in one place. If it is relevant to Border Collies as a breed or as a member of Family Canidae, the Genus Canis and the species Canis Familiaris we would want it in our collection. If it covers methods of training, any discipline, any interaction of the breed with other species, even personal experience, we would want it in our care.

We want to build the best collection of reference material available on the breed - and you can help us do it  - and you can use it.

A room at our new centre has been designated as a library and reading room. It will be a quiet, well lit room with some comfortable seating for those who want to just read and desks for those who want to research. We may also add a computer with internet access and other material on the breed that has not been published in books or available in other mediums when funds allow.

This will be a reference library, not a lending library. People wishing to use it will need to come to it. It will be by appointment only as will all visits to the centre. The Library will be accessible from January 1st 2006. If you wish to use this facility, please phone for an appointment.

If you are an author of a book or any other material in any medium that falls within the categories above and you support our project, please donate a copy.

If you are a publisher, agent or publishing house please speak to your authors about making a contribution.

If you publish a magazine relevant to dogs or the Border Collie, please think about giving a free subscription to the Library.

If you are clearing out your bookshelves and have a book or any other material in any medium that may be of interest to the collection - please phone us up to see if we already have it. If we haven't we will be grateful for the contribution.

If you have any material that you can loan to the library we will keep it in trust and look after it until you want it back.

If you want to make sure that your personal collection is kept intact for the future please think about leaving it to the Border Collie Rescue Library like Iris Coombe has done. We will take good care of it and make it available to others.

We are particularly interested in any historical material, newspaper cuttings, articles, Etc. on any aspect of the breed.

Anyone that donates any material will be credited with the donation. Each book, Video or DVD will carry a label acknowledging its source. Help us to build a resource for future generations and safeguard information that may otherwise disappear.

You are here >>>> Funding And helping >>> An Appeal for books for our Library

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