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Border Collie Rescue is a registered voluntary organisation, run and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Registered throughout the UK as Border Collie Rescue - Charity No 1128983 (UK) - Charity No SC040796 (Scotland)

Non profit Charitable Company  limited by guarantee. Registered in England on 24th March 1995 - No 3037504.

Funded by public donation.

The Objects listed below form part of the Memorandum of our Governing Document. To read the Memorandum in full - click here.


Objects of Border Collie Rescue

So far only as shall be charitable:

(a) For the benefit of the public to rescue, take in and provide care, shelter and sanctuary for stray, lost, neglected, abandoned, ill treated and unwanted dogs of the breed known as the Border Collie, or any dog of predominantly Border Collie origin and type, and other Working Sheepdogs and to re-home these dogs, wherever possible and, in particular, to provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals.

(b) For the benefit of the public to alleviate the suffering of these dogs and promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for animals which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals."

In addition to any other powers it may have, the charity has the following powers in order to further the Objects (but not for any other purpose):

            (a) to keep and maintain registers of dogs needing re-homing and applicants to adopt them.

            (b) in the public interest, to take whatever action as is appropriate and lawful to alleviate the suffering of such dogs and to prosecute or support the prosecution in law of those who cause such suffering.

            (c) to provide grants of cash, services or kind to suitable individuals or organisations on condition that these be used only for the charitable purpose of  the treatment and/or care of a specified dog or dogs.



You are here >>> About BCR >>> Objects of BCR

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Border Collie Rescue is a UK based charity, working Internationally to Rescue and Re-home Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs and promote a better understanding of the breed and its Welfare.

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