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Our Offices will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period from 5pm on Thursday 22nd December until 2pm on Tuesday 10th January 2023.
During this period our phones will not be manned and emails only checked occasionally.
We wil be looking after dogs in our care but will not be accepting applications to adopt dogs.
From 3rd January we will start rehoming again but only to applicants already on our register.
All our foster places are full so we cannot take in any more dogs until we start rehoming again in January.


Registered throughout the UK as Border Collie Rescue
Structure and Charitable Status - Registered Charity No 1128983 (UK). Charity No SC040796 (Scotland).

Border Collie Rescue is a registered specialist canine breed rescue organisation based in the UK and covering the whole country.
This section is about us and our work.

We are run and staffed by volunteers. It has always been a basic premise of this charity that those involved in helping the dogs should be doing so because they are driven by a love and respect of the breed rather than the expectations of payment for doing a job.

Part of our work involves assessing all the dogs we take in around sheep and other livestock to ascertain their working ability in order to be able to consider these factors before re-homing because we believe any Border Collie, but particularly a puppy, should always have a chance to work and fulfill its natural instincts.
If being a sheepdog is what it needs to do to have a happy and fulfilled life, we should find that out and facilitate it.

Knowledge of a Border Collies herding, chase and working inclinations also help us prevent a puppy or dog with these qualities ending up in homes where their instincts are frustrated, causing problems for people kind enough to offer a home to a rescue dog and causing problems for the dog in adapting to an unsuitable lifestyle.

 Links on this page provide information about our Objects, Mission Statement and Memorandum, about Border Collie Rescue, how we work and how you can adopt a Border Collie from us.
There are also some videos lower down the page that illustrate aspects of our work.


Border Collie Rescue - Nicki Oliver - National Co-ordinator with mascot Mr Tod

Border Collie Rescue National Co-ordinator,  Nicki Oliver with BCR mascot Mr. Tod.
Photo copyright and courtesy of Guzelian Ltd

Above - A day in the life of Border Collie Rescue


Above - 'Two Stroke' Tess - case history of a hyperactive dog


Above - Meet Macey and Tess - case history of two sisters and soulmates


Pip dreams of Electric Sheep.
A dog who used to chase cars before she was hit and lost a leg, wants to herd

As the above video has no commentary or captions, here is the story -

 Pip came to us as a stray after being involved in a hit and run RTA which cost her one of her hind legs.
Once she had recovered and her previous owner had failed to make any attempt to reclaim her during the statutory period allowed, we were free to assess, re-train and re-home her.

It was very obvious that the cause of her 'accident' was due to her high chase drive that tempted her to run after fast moving cars. She showed herself to be a natural herder around our sheep - but - to re-home her as a sheepdog would not be that easy. Too much work and she would be liable to develop hip problems later in life - too little and she would become frustrated and start chasing other things again.

The compromise came up when we had an offer of a home for a dog that would help round up a few sheep occasionally, but be mainly involved in controlling several hundred free range hens, live in the farmhouse and accompany the owner on his egg delivery rounds.
This gave her a full and interesting life with daily 'herding' but not a huge amount of racing around involved, plus home comforts to ward off potential consequences of her disability.

So that's where she's ended up - that's what it's all about - the right home for the right dog - in a nutshell - that's what we do.


If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us,
please do not write to us or email us - we want to speak to you before we start the process.
Please phone us during office hours. Details here.
Calls to our office and mobile will only be answered during our office hours