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Jenni Watson

Jenni Watson has owned and trained two Obedience Champions, one Breed Champion and qualified a third at Crufts in Obedience and Breed.  Her dogs have won 33 Obedience Championship Certificates and she has featured in and produced 3 videos covering pet and competitive obedience training.

Jenni has judged Championship Obedience Classes numerous times and was co-trainer on a B.B.C. documentary called 'Moment of Truth' on delinquent dogs and co-author of the accompanying book. She has held seminars on Obedience Training in then U.K. and overseas and ran two very successful pet dog training clubs in the North East with some of her students appearing on TV.

Over the years, Jenni has raised funds for rescue dogs and has walked from Darlington in County Durham to Earl's Court in London, prior to competing in Crufts, raising thousands of pounds for various rescue charities.
As principal of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour, Jenni trains both pet and competitive obedience dogs and handlers, trains others to be Academy Approved Dog Instructors and runs behavioural clinics. She has produced and published a Training Manual - "Train Your Pet Dog" - aimed at providing a proper foundation in dog training for the pet dog owner.

There are two article here by Jenni Watson
So you want to have a Border Collie and Amusing the Bored Border Collie


Jo Phillips

Jo joined Border Collie Rescue in 1995 and was a staunch supporter of the charities work.
She ran dog training classes around Richmond and was a great advocate of Positive Re-enforcement methods and training with clickers. Working with Nicki Oliver, one of the founders and the National Co-ordinator of the charity, she helped assess and train the dogs passing through.

Unfortunately Jo developed a virulent form of cancer and passed on in spite of treatment.
She remains a much missed member of Border Collie Rescue and has been appointed an Honourary Member of the charity for the duration of the charities existence.

Jo's enthusiasm and sense of humour is evident in her article
An Introduction to Clicker Training

Debbie Berriman

Debbie Berriman is a Pet behavioural Councilor and Dog Trainer with a preference for German Shepherds but with a great admiration and understanding of Border Collies.

Debbie has contributed an article
The Companion Border Collie

Roy Goutté

Roy Goutté has written a series of articles and books on the Bloodlines of the Border Collie in Sheepdog Trialing.
They have been widely acclaimed by the working Border Collie fraternity, so it was a natural progression to publish
'THE PRINCIPAL SHEEPDOG LINES', a collection of pedigrees and related articles of dogs, who have until recently, competed at the very highest level in sheepdog trials and are now central to the modern day Breeding Programme.

Roy has become an accredited expert on Breeding methods and bloodlines of the Border Collie in the trialing circuit and the show circuit.

He has contributed two articles for the Breeding section
The Importance of Good Breeding - Breeding Methods

Viv Billingham-Parkes

Viv has run her own dogs from a very early age. In 1982 she rose to public fame when she competed (with the now famous 'Garry') in 'One Man and His Dog' on TV, this shortly following her cap for Scotland at the Blair Athol International Trial.
She has represented Scotland at International Level in Brace Trialing and has travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe running training seminars and judging trials.

Viv has written a number of books - mostly autobiographical - about her life with her dogs and friends and happenings.
On the subject of working dogs she says 'A working sheepdog must be moulded with great care over a period of time, depending on the quality of the material provided and the intricacy of the shape required, until finally you behold the finished article - your creation - hopefully a combination of brains ability and great beauty'.

Viv has contributed three articles on sheepdogs and prefaced a third which are in the Working Sheepdog section.
The Border Collie as a Sheepdog - Selecting a Working Sheepdog - Bringing on a Working Sheepdog
and a preface to - Training a Working Sheepdog

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