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Amusing the Bored Border Collie

 By Jenni Watson
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Have him select your Lottery Numbers

Gather a selection of his toys and with a non-toxic felt pen, number them from 1 to 49.
If you do not possess this many toys, firstly hang your head in shame, after all we are talking Border Collie.
If stuck, improvise and use things like old washing up liquid bottles, rolled up newspapers - Etc.,.
Place them all on the floor and encourage him to bring them to you one at a time.
First six out, invest one pound on the next lottery - when you win, don't forget Border Collie Rescue.

Create his own Bungee Game

Invest in a long piece of very strong elastic. To one end of it tie a soft toy.
Tie the other end either round the lag of a heavy table, a door handle or garden post, then teach him to pull and release his own fetch articles.

Hide and Seek

Using one of his favourite toys, rub it very well to apply your own scent. send him out of the room.
Hide the toy, making it quite easy to find to begin with, and let him back into the room.
Place your hand over his nose to give him your scent and tell him to find it.
Increase difficulty as he gets the hang of it.
Border Collies really love this game. Don't forget to rub your scent over the toy first.


You will have seen dogs weave through the poles at Agility shows, well here's a way to do this without additional equipment - just you and your dog.
Arm yourself with a large quantity of tit-bits.
Place a small amount in each hand.
Extend one leg forward and through the gap, show the dog that you have a tit-bit and encourage him to go through your legs.
Give him the tit-bit then extend your other leg and encourage him to go back through.
Before you know it he will be weaving through your legs like an Agility dog !

Ready, Steady, Cook

Treat your dog to the ultimate in A-LA-CARTE - Border Collie Style Recipe -
1 lb Liver - 1 lb self raising flour - 2 eggs - large pinch of crushed garlic - small cup of milk - adequate water to mix.
Put liver through a liquidiser, add eggs, garlic and milk. Blend mixture in to flour.
Gradually add enough water to give you a sponge mix consistency.
Place in a greased, shallow baking tin and put in the oven until cake has risen. leave to cool, cut into cubes and freeze.
When he is a very good boy, treat him with a piece.
The scent of this cake, cooking and cooling will keep your dog occupied for a long time!  

And finally - In memory of the Foot and Mouth disease Farm Dog Rescue Program run by Border Collie Rescue

WHAT'S TO BECOME OF ME - By Jenni Watson.

What's these cracks I hear all round?, What's these bodies on the ground?
What's that smell and where's my sheep? Time's are hard and feel so Bleak.
Why my master is so sad? Where's my comfort Oh! Good Lad?
What's wrong to be sent away? Why can't it be yesterday?
Help me please, I feel so sad! I've lost my life, have I been bad?
Don't know what the future holds, forgive me please if I sound bold.
I've heard of folk who take us in and help us to begin again.
Now I appeal on our behalf, I ask you please (do I sound daft?)
Think of us each passing day and if you have a special way,
To help should be the thing to do and let us start our life anew.

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Jenni Watson

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