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Training a dog is not restricted to formal sessions - whatever we do with our dogs is training the dog to do something.
There is no doubt our companion dogs pick up a lot from us as we spend so much time in their company.
 They pick up on our emotions, our fears and our feelings for each other and this is often reflected in the way they behave and relate to us and others around us.
You may have noted that if you, for some reason, feel apprehension in a given situation or develop a dislike, perhaps get into a dispute with neighbours, your dog may start to react protectively within the context of the situation or develop a similar dislike or distrust of the person or situation you feel uneasy about.
This often manifests itself quite unconsciously.
For example your dog may have had a disagreement with another dog it met when you were out walking with it. The next time you go out you may feel concerned about your dogs reaction to other dogs it meets. Your dog can pick up on your concern and when another dog comes in sight and your apprehension peaks, your dog becomes disturbed. A few repeats of this pattern teaches your dog that every time another dog appears you become worried. It starts to think that you are worried about other dogs. It begins to think other dogs are a problem, a danger. It then begins to try and protect you from other dogs, thinking it is behaving in your defence. Before you know it you have a major problem in that your dog will try and attack other dogs on sight.
Another example of a dogs sensitivity is shown in our recent understanding that some dogs can pick up on seizures or strokes in humans well in advance of them happening. This is not telepathy, the dog is picking up on minute changes in the chemical makeup of the sweat of the person who is going to have the seizure well before the seizure occurs. Dogs can be trained to indicate whenever it gets these scent signals, thus providing advanced warning.
We are very used to reading and hearing about external and environmental factors that can cause or create behavioural issues in our dogs, but our own moods and emotions have a much stronger and more intimate cause and effect on the dogs we spend our time with. If we are upset, they react. If we are relaxed they can relax. If our minds are a jumble of thoughts and confusions we are responsible for them becoming unsettled.
Our influence strongly affects the way our dogs respond to training, how they bond to us and how they relate to people and other dogs they come into contact with.
It follows that if we are able to better control the way we communicate with our dogs, our influence on their behaviour will be more positive and productive, avoiding situations where our signals are misinterpreted or clouded by issues that can cause contradictions and negative behaviour.
The Trust Technique helps us clarify and focus the way we communicate with our animals..

James French, sums up the trust technique like this -

The Trust Technique is a combination of communication and healing.

It works by reducing the thinking levels of any type of animal so that their emotional state changes, allowing them to find confidence.

The technique teaches the human how to enter a relaxed and peaceful state of mind and how to deliver this peace of mind to the animal. This in turn creates a deeper relationship of trust and acts as solid teaching foundation for the animal.

It is a whole new level of interaction that works in unity with the emotions and develops the spirit of the animal as well as the human.

James French teaches Animal Communication and has developed the Trust Technique to enable others to learn the necessary skills to communicate with their animals and lay down a foundation of trust which aids their owners in training and helps them overcome behavioural issues.
 James has seen how appropriate the application of his program would be for animals in rescue situations, as many have social and behavioural issues and are slow to respond to traditional training / behavioural modification methods because it is initially difficult to overcome barriers preventing them from being responsive to strangers.
Consequently, James has offered opportunities to rescue organisations like ourselves to have a member trained in the technique who can then apply sessions to animals within our care. In our case, James has spent time at our centre training Nicki Oliver in the application of his procedures. It has proved very helpful.
The video below is a good illustration of how the therapeutic value of the technique has been used by Nicki to allow her to quickly get close to a very nervous and sensitive dog, create a bond with the dog and encourage trust in herself by the dog, and then use that trust to allow the dog to more readily accept situations and people it would have been too frightened to tolerate without many months of careful socialisation.
What Nicki has achieved with Tess in 2 weeks may otherwise have taken a considerable amount of time.
The video tells the story of Tess, which in itself is quite a challenging survival tale. The film starts by explaining her background and how she arrived in our care. In the middle is a condensed summary of her second Trust Technique session, followed by some photo's and video of her subsequent changed behaviour.
If you want to read a more detailed account of the story covered in this video, see our illustrated case history file on Tess, which can be read here. (new window)
To find out more about the Trust Technique and how it could help you in your relationship with your dog, watch the video or click the link below.
Trust Technique Website

You are Here   >>> Breed Advice >>> Animal Communication - A Matter of TRUST - The Trust Technique

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