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Hello everyone.
I've overheard my humans talking about this exciting Celebrate Your Dog feature happening very soon and rather than wait for them to put pen to paper I thought I'd drop you a line myself.

Please don't think that I'm being big headed but I can't wait to tell you about the great things that I have done for my humans.

One of the first things I achieved when I came to live in Allestree was giving my human Rod, aka Carrot Master, the confidence to go out on his buggy.
You see he is disabled, he hasn't always been that way and it was a huge step for him to go for walks on the buggy. People, however are usually happy to talk about me.
I'm a handsome chap you see, and they didn't seem to notice the buggy.

I'm an excellent guard dog, well, that's what the humans think.
I actually like the sound of my own voice and rarely miss a chance to bark - postman, careers, family members, meter readers and even the Pastor from church!
I should point out that sometimes my barking gets me into trouble. I have been banned in the past from our local pub, I'm alright now though

Chris, one of my other humans, had a rough time health wise as a youngster and he has a learning disability.One of the things Chris hates most of all is being on his own and when Rod and Llyn have been at work, I have been able to make him feel safe and secure.
I'm proud of that because the two cats couldn't have done it. Dog 1 Cats 0

Talking about the cats, I'm a real hero to Zippy.
She was very very poorly and spent a lot of time in hospital which was stressing her enormously and the vet asked if my humans could go to see her but it didn't help her.
Then my human, Llyn, had the idea to take me to visit and Zippy calmed down and started her recovery. When she got home she was very pleased to see me and we had afternoon naps together in Kurt's bedroom, Zip on the bed and me on the floor.

Llyn says I'm very accommodating.
She rescued a cat Sally, from a property at Milford that had to be repossessed and I've been fine about it. Zippy on the other hand has never quite forgiven Llyn!


I used to visit Granddad often, but he has got older and more forgetful (he's 95 yrs). He gives me biscuits, sandwiches, cake, etc., which I'm not to have but he forgets & I think it would be rude not to accept so I'm banned on an almost daily basis. Currently I'm allowed in with a chaperone.

The vet says I'm in very good condition for my age and my humans seem 'obsessed' with my diet and weight.  That brings me nicely to something I have done for my human Llyn.
Not long after I arrived, she lost weight and toned up due to the walks we have together and I'm happy to report that I have managed to keep her weight in check.
Apparently I'm also her preferred method of stress busting, a walk with me is just what she needs when things get a bit much.

Forgive me if I appear to blow my own trumpet but they all tell me how much I do for them and how much I'm loved - from the end of my nose to the tip of my tail, and I know they really do feel blessed that I have come into their lives and made such a difference.


I'm also blessed and would like to celebrate my humans.
Chris for his company and walks dutifully carried out. Llyn for ensuring that I only get carrots for treats and watching what I eat (oh and those lovely long walks, although not so long these days) and Rod, who has 'exercised' my brain all these years. I have a fantastic repertoire of tricks all of which I'm happy to do for a carrot!

Must dash off as carers are due and I wouldn't want to miss a chance to bark.
Love and licks - Patch

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