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Stories of the dogs Page 1

Part of this project is to share stories about dogs who have touched us and allow us to share other peoples stories about dogs that have touched them.

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Celebrating Jack....


Jack was our second companion dog from BCR.

He was very loved by us and all who met him. He looked as though ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ and appeared to be very laid back - but he had a streak of steely determination which was quite something to see!


His favourite treats were licking out pots of humous or having a clementine segment or two.
We had such incredible fun times with him, especially on our many trips to the Lake district … and only wish that he had stayed with us a little longer as we were in the process of moving to the Lakes when he became ill.


We connected strongly and developed an uncanny understanding of each other over the years that we shared a home.

He was celebrated throughout our time with him and it feels good to celebrate him here in this special way

Cheers Jack!




Celebrating Max....

Max came into my life as a frightened dog petrified of women and grey/silver cars, but still a beautiful black and white collie.

The bond was immediate and slowly the trust and love overcame the fears. He became a working sheepdog.. He made me look good in the field, he just understood what I asked of him almost telepathic.

If I felt unwell, tired or fed up he came and nuzzled and looked up and there was something healing in those eyes.

He’s old now, retired, two strokes have made him a fireside dog but he still dreams of sheep.

I have not enclosed a photograph he’s old, not looking his best and as a dog that loved to impress a crowd I don’t want to let him down. Just picture a collie in his prime, that’s Max and still is to me.

Ian Wood