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Stories of the dogs Page 3

Part of this project is to share stories about dogs who have touched us and allow us to share other peoples stories about dogs that have touched them.

The menu on the left links to stories about a number of dogs and more will be added on other pages as we go.
We also have a Facebook page where anyone can post stories about their dog and anyone can read them

The Facebook page is here - - go and have a look.
You don't have to have Facebook account to read the page but if you want to comment or put a post on of your own you will have to join Facebook - unless you email us the story and a photo or two and we will post it for you!

Celebrating Mead....



This is Mead, a BCR dog I have had since she was 5 months old.
She is a super dog, and a great companion.

We do all sorts together, agility, tracking, long walks and playing ball, her absolute favourite.

She is quite a character, and likes to keep all other dogs in order - no dogs must play together when she is around!

She is six years old now, time does fly. She came to us when we'd lost our previous collie, Kess, who was much loved, and much missed.

Meg and Dillon, both collie crosses were fantastic dogs too.
I celebrate them all.


Jill Maud







Celebrating an un-named companion....


We got our border collie when he was a puppy.

I knew something was wrong when he never seemed to learn his name.
I grew more and more suspicious that he might be deaf.

We've now had him for 7 years and I love having a deaf dog. I hate it when people say "Oh poor dog!" about him being deaf.
I tell them "He doesn't know he's deaf, as far as he's concerned he's perfectly fine!"

The only real difference is they stay sleeping when you go out into the kitchen (hearing dogs would be right out there with you hoping for food) and also when they are off the leash they tend to keep an eye on you more than a regular dog.

I would have another deaf dog and I would highly recommend getting one for your family.


Samantha Stevens-Clay






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