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Dogs with Disabilities

Deaf, Blind, Amputees and other perfectly normal dogs

I Quote - "We give dogs all the time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." - M. Facklam.

Dogs with disabilities need not be pitied. You need to understand their limitations and make allowances for them but feeling sorry is unnecessary. I could even be a disadvantage.
A dog born disabled knows no different and as it grows and develops it compensates for whatever the disability is. A dog that becomes disabled due to illness or accident gets on with life and does not brood about it.

Some people say that a relationship with a disabled dog is more rewarding than with an able bodied dog.
The relationship feels more intimate, somehow warmer.
It is partly due to a dogs greater dependence on a handler, partly to a handlers need to train more thoroughly.

There is more work involved for the handler - there has to be.
Deaf dogs need to be taught hand signals, best done in a certain order, if they are to have freedom outside of a secure area.
Blind dogs need to be trained to respond to commands instantly and the range of commands needs to be greater so in situations where a hazard threatens the dog can be promptly guided out of danger.
Amputees may need more patience walking, but in our experience losing a leg, front or back,does not slow dogs down!
A dog can even lose two legs and happily carry on with life as long as they are on opposite corners.

Dogs that have had a stroke or suffered from a vestibular disorder may find it initially difficult to balance, walk normally and hold their head up straight and those who suffer permanent brain damage due to any physical or mental trauma will need extra attention and understanding.

But none of this means they need anyone to feel sorry for them.
They need encouragement to strengthen them not pity to weaken them.

Below is information about dogs with various disabilities to hopefully give some understanding of their situations.

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Nell - Born Deaf
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Pan - Born Blind

About Deaf Dogs

About Blind Dogs


A Story of a Blind Sheepdog

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Blake - Born Deaf
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Nan - Born Deaf

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