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Border Collie Rescue is able to offer individual advice to people experiencing problems with their Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs.
Border Collie Rescue has been helping Border Collies, sheepdogs and their owners with problems since its formation in 1976. We may be able to assist you with advice on behavioural problems, training problems and understanding the needs and reactions of your Border Collie.
We do not give Veterinary or Medicinal advice. For responsible advice on these matters you should consult a qualified  Veterinary Practitioner  - or The PDSA if you are in receipt of Council Tax Relief or Housing Benefit.
Advice is only given directly over the telephone or in person - we cannot respond to written enquiries.
We can offer behavioural and training advice on a one to one basis at our centre near Richmond in Yorkshire by appointment.
Please contact us on 0845 6044941 if you wish to discuss setting up an appointment.
Border Collie Rescue runs a telephone advice line - only on Thursday Afternoons between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.
To use this facility you would need to call us on  0845 6044941 within these hours and ask for the advice line.
Concerned about the cost of phone calls? Download Ofcoms guide to UK call charges here - pdf file
The costs of calling all the various UK telephone numbers (including ours) is explained in this acrobat document from Offcom - the telephone regulator.


Before calling for advice, please read the page on the end of this link.
During our normal office hours  - see the 'HQ Information' section of this Website - you can phone for more general information and will be answered by a Duty Officer who may be able to assist. If the problem is serious you will be asked to call back during advice line hours.
We can only take on a limited number of cases each year. Everyone in Border Collie Rescue is a volunteer and we give our time free.
All our services are free and carry no fee - although donations to the charity are always welcome. If we refer you to a professional individual who specialises in an area where you need assistance it is likely that the person will charge a fee - so please check in these instances.
You are here >>> Breed Advice Menu >> Individual Advice and Assessments.

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