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Long-serving canine members of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team to retire
TWO long-serving search dogs who joined Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team more than a decade ago have retired.

Animal welfare protections won't survive post-Brexit
FARMED ANIMALS are being readied for "sacrifice on the altar of free trade", according to a leading Green Party MEP.

Puppy farm 'breeding machine' thrown from moving van after reaching 'end of shelf life'
Peggy the dog was found in "quite a state" with a terrible skin condition, as well as being very "scared and nervous"

Barry family devastated after dog dies from suspected case of Alabama Rot
Warning - A family from Barry in Wales has been left devastated after one of their much-loved dogs fell victim to a lethal disease.

Dog rescue's dog as collie sniffs out puppy dumped in bin
Puppy Holly has begun her new life with a loving family after a dog of the same breed sniffed her out from the bin she was dumped in.

Brexit ‘most defining political event’ for protection of livestock
Leaving the EU will be one of the “most defining political events” for the protection of UK animals, including livestock, according to a new report.

Dog injured after finding treat on the street with a razor in it
A dog owner, whose Siberan Husky was injured after trying to eat a snack with a razor blade inside, has warned others to watch out for spiked pet treats.

'Bad stock' of puppies found abandoned in field in Wendover
Puppies were found dumped at a farm in Wendover – the same spot where six dogs were abandoned last year.

Wild animals in travelling circuses to be banned in England from 2020
Government commits to introducing legislation during five-year review of The Welfare of Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (England) Regulations 2012.

The Government Is Making A Dog's Breakfast Of Animal Sentience Laws
This week, at Lords Committee on EU Withdrawal Bill, we will be battling about animal sentience – an issue that Ministers have been handling quite badly.

‘Fight continues on behalf of all service animals’ as Finn’s Law delayed
Extra protections for police animals have been put on hold after the Government raised an objection.

Norfolk puppy farm owner gets suspended sentence
A woman has been given a suspended jail sentence after admitting 17 charges relating to breeding puppies without a licence at her home.

Calls for new system for recording dog thefts after more than 50 go missing in Kent
Calls for a new system to record dog thefts have been made after the number of stolen pets across the county reached 50.

Heroic border collie nominated for Crufts Friends for Life award
Search and Rescue Border Collie, Taz, is nominated in the Extraordinary Life of a Working Dog category of the Friends for Life awards

Ross Thompson MP urges Teresa May to ban electric shock collar
Electric shock devices in dog training should be outlawed, a Conservative MP has said.

'Extremely distressed' farmer to give up sheep farming after dog attack
A farmer has decided to give up sheep farming after a dog killed two sheep and an unborn lamb in a vicious attack.

Could your dog be DNA tested if suspected of a livestock attack?
Dog owners could see pets DNA tested and find themselves tried by judge and jury under new policing recommendations to stop attacks on farm animals.

Donkey smuggler sentenced for trying to bring the animals into Wales without the proper paperwork
John Peter Luke Wilcock admitted five charges brougt against him by Anglesey council when he appeared at Caernarfon magistrates court.

Slaughterhouse CCTV legislation laid
OVs will have “unfettered access” to footage, to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare, from May when the new law comes into effect.