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Links to International Animal Rescue Organisations that work with dogs.
This page contains links to animal rescue organisations around the world. The links have been chosen because the organisations all take in domestic animals, including dogs. Some only take in dogs. Some only take in Border Collies. The Border Collie specialists in each country are listed in their own section if any exist. All the organisations on these pages should be able to assist with adoption and re-homing of Border Collies in their country.
Our own website contains advice and information on the needs and behaviour of the Border Collie  that is applicable to the breed in any Country.
This page is a general resource of worldwide rescuers of dogs and all the non Border Collie specialist organisations listed should be able to assist residents of their countries with enquiries about other breeds.

For the sake of ease of location of a particular country, we have divided the world into 7 "Continents".

Click on the flag of your country to get to a page listing organisations working within the country or Click on the continent.
Some of the countries have pages of their own and others are listed on pages covering the continent the country lies within.
The listings on these pages are by no means definitive although we list well over 500 organisations in 127 countries which includes over 50 specialist Border Collie organisations. If you need help, contact the nearest organisation to you in your country. They may be able to put you in touch with someone closer. If you know of an rescue organisation in your country that works with dogs and is not listed, please let us know.
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Ascension Island. Botswana. Egypt. Ethiopia. Ghana. Kenya. Mauritius. Morocco. Namibia.
Nigeria. Seychelles. Sierra Leone. South Africa. St Helena. Sudan. Swaziland. Tanzania.
Tunisia. Uganda. Zambia. Zimbabwe
Bangladesh. China. India. Indonesia. Japan. Malaysia. Nepal. Pakistan. Philippines.

Singapore.  South Korea. Sri Lanka. Taiwan. Thailand.

Albania. Armenia. Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bosnia. Bulgaria. Croatia. Cyprus.
Czech Republic. Denmark.  Eire.  Estonia. Finland. France. Georgia. Germany. Gibraltar.
Greece. Hungary. Italy. Border Collie Rescue - Sezione Italiana Kazakhstan. Latvia.
Liechtenstein. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Macedonia.  Malta.  Moldova. Netherlands. Norway.
Poland. Portugal. Romania. Russia. San Marino. Serbia/Montenegro Slovakia. Slovenia.
Spain. Sweden. Switzerland.  Tenerife Turkey. Ukraine.
Middle East
Bahrain. Iran. Israel. Jordan. Lebanon. Palestine. Saudi Arabia. Syria. United Arab Emirates.
North America
U.S.A. Canada
Australia. Cook Islands. Fiji. New Zealand. Palau. Samoa.
South America and Caribbean Islands
Anguilla. Argentina. Aruba. Bahamas. Belize. Bermuda. Bolivia. Brazil. Cayman Islands
Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Cuba. Dominica. Dominican Republic. Ecuador. El Salvador.
Grenada. Guatemala. Guyana. Honduras. Jamaica. Netherlands Antilles. Nicaragua. Panama.
Paraguay. Peru. Puerto Rico. St Lucia. Trinidad & Tobego. Uruguay. Venezuela. Virgin Islands.
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International Society for Animal Rights -
If you run a registered non-profit dog rescue organisation and  wish to be included in these pages please  e.mail us
WAG - Welfare for Animal Global -

This organisation - run by Marijo Gillis, is an international political lobby and advocacy force based in New York City. The purpose of WAG is to expose the brutal abuse and blatant neglect of all animals - companion, farmed, captive, and wild - especially in areas that may lie beyond the interest and curiosity of well funded international animal welfare societies and the major media. Support WAG and help animals Worldwide.

You are Here >>> Links and Contacts  >>> International Rescue  - Links to Animal Rescue Organisations Worldwide

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