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The darker side of animal welfare

This section is reserved for 'Tales from the Dark Side' of the world of Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and Animal Welfare issues, stories and links. What you may find linked from this page may shock and upset you, but will certainly inform you.....
On the basis that it's better to be upset and informed than happy, but ignorant, we urge you to read some of the information here and visit some of these websites we link to and then make your own 'informed' decisions about the issues in question.

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Some stories linked below contain disturbing photographs of abused Dogs and other animals.

BCR Film about animal welfare issues - Is it Bad Enough for You?

Border Collie Rescue shares concerns about the worldwide exploitation and abuse of animals along with many other members of the animal rescue world. This short video expresses some of those concerns.
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Jess's Story LaddiesStory
Animal Abuse in Croatia Animal Abuse in Greece
Proctor and Gamble - IAMS - Eukanuba - Animal testing experiments on pet foods exposed
Animal testing of drugs is unrealistic. Research companies and charities present well rehearsed lies to gain financial support
More information at Nurses Movement for Responsible Medicine. - Opens in a new window.
Puppy Farming information
Reports calling for changes in irresponsible pedigree dog breeding fromAdvocates for Animals.
Information on Missouri Puppy Mills from Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue USA
Raisin/Grape toxicity in Dogs
You may wish to click here and read this page of reports about dogs attacking adults and children - Border Collies feature

Border Collie Rescue - Keeping an "Eye" on the Breed

BCR case history film - Natalia - RSPCA Cruelty Case

BCR case history film - Foot and Mouth Rescue

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