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Information and links for visitors to our website from Europe and the EU
Welcome to our web pages.
The  Breed information about Border Collies that is available on our website is appropriate to the breed anywhere in the world.
Please click on any of the links above to find out more about Border Collies as a breed - the Breed Profile and Breed Advice sections contain a growing amount of material and articles.
On this page are - links to specialist Border Collie Rescue organisations - Links to some General Animal Rescue and Welfare organisations that take in and re-home domestic Animals. If we have been unable to locate an animal rescue organisation in a Country, that Country will not be listed. If you know of any organisations that are not listed, please let us know about them.
If you are seeking to Adopt or Re-home a Border Collie in Europe please support the efforts of any Border Collie Rescue and Animal Rescue and Welfare  organisations in your area who take on Border Collies seeking homes. Look at the links below.
If you are visiting the UK and want to visit Border Collie Rescue, please have a look at our HQ information pages for contact details and let us know if you wish to make an appointment to visit during your stay in the UK.
The links below are provided for information purposes - the existence of a link does not imply that Border Collie Rescue recommends or approves of the information provided by the website or the organisation it links to.

Worried about the impact that smoking may have on your pets - has more information
You may also want to visit The American Lung Association for more information about stopping smoking

General animal Rescue organisations in Europe
If you come across a case of animal cruelty or animal abuse, please report it to your local SPCA branch or take advice from any Animal Rescue organisation. If you are concerned about issues of animal testing or animal welfare, you will be able to get further information and support campaigns by  visiting your SPCA  or contacting a Rescue organisation directly via their website using the link below.
Animal Protection Albania (APA) - No website - email:
Animals Rights in Armenia - No website - email:
Tierschutzseite Österreich - Animal protection Site Austria -
Tierschutzverein Wiener Neustadt / Tierschutzverband Niederösterreich -
Tierschutzverein Krems -
Animal Spirit - Zentrum für Tiere in Not -
Public Society for the Protection of Animals -
Belarus Animal Protection Society - Partizanski Prospekt 139-16, Minsk 220101: Tel: + 375 (17) 2693 641
Association Nationale des Sociétés de Protection Animale - 5 Bd. Jules Graindor, B-1070 Bruxelles: Tel: + 32 (2) 524 2915
Dierenasiel Ganzeweide -
SAVU - Small Animals Veterinary Urgency -
Ban Puppy Mills in Belgium - support this campaign -
Sarajevo Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SOS) - No website - email:
ARKA society for the protection and welfare of animals -
Bulgarian Animal Defence League (B.A.D.L.) -
National Foundation for the Protection of Animals Bulgaria - No website - email:
Animal Programs of Bulgaria -
Zagreb Society for the Protection of Animals - No website - email:
Animal Friends Croatia/ Prijatelji Zivotinja -
Nicosia Dog Shelter -
Czech Republic
Nadace na ochranu zvirat - The Animal Protection Trust - -
Graeske Hunde -
Dyrenes Beskyttelse - Foreningen til Dyrenes Beskyttelse i Danmark -
Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals (ESPA) -
Helsingin Eläinsuojeluyhdistys - Helsinki Humane Society -
Koirapakolaiset r.y. -
SPA - Société Protectrice des Animaux -
Animaux Secours - Association de Protection Animale en Haute-Savoie -
Fondation Brigitte Bardot  -
Georgian Society for the Protection of Animals - Barnov 9. Tbilisi 8: Tel: + 995 (32) 999 455: Fax: + 995 (32) 294 786
Animal Rights Committee -
Help for people and dogs - Beschuetzer Instinkte  -
NotDogge e.V. -
Tierschutz-Notruf e.V. -
Gibraltar Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) - 33a Rosia Road, Gibraltar: Tel: + 350 77 334
Greek Animal Rescue (UK charity) - -
Rhodes - Noah's Ark Animal Welfare -
Argos Animal Welfare Society -
Crete - Cretan Animal Welfare Group -
Hellenic Animal Welfare Society - Monis Petraki 7. GR-125 21 Athens: Tel: + 30 (1) 721 1666: Fax: + 30 (1) 722 4888
Skiathos Dog Shelter -
Rex Animal Shelter Foundation - Rex Kutyaotthon Alapítvány -
Hungarian Society for the Protection of Animals & Nature - Herosz Allatvédö Egyesület -
Bajai Hesser Gyula Állatmento Missió - No website - email:
Csabai Állatvédők Közhasznú Egyesülete - Dogs - No website - email:
E.N.P.A. Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali -
A.N.T.A. - Associazione Nazionale Tutela Animali -
Border Collie Rescue - Sezione Italiana
Regional Public Association Kazakhstan Society Animals Protection 'Sirius' -
Latvijas Dzivnieku aizsardzibas biedriba - No website - email:
Tierschutzverein Liechtenstein e.V. / Tierschutzhaus Liechtenstein  -
Lithuanian Society for the Protection of Animals (LiSPA) - No website - email:
Société pour la Protection des Animaux Dudelange SPAD asbl -
Association Luxembourgeoise pour la Protection des Animaux (ALPA) - No website - email:
Drustvo za zastita na zivotnite (SRNA) - No website - email:
Island Sanctuary Association -
Noah's Ark -
SPCA Gozo - No website - email:
Hakuna Matata Animal Education Project -
Centre "AMIC" - Dogs - No website - email:
Actie Zwerfhonden / Aktion Streunerhunde -
Dierenambulance Den Haag -
Dierenbescherming - National Office -
Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge - Headquarters -
Foreningen for Hundeomplassering -
Animal Defenders Association "ARKA" - Stowarzyszenie Obronców Zwierzat Arka -
CANIS Foundation for Animal Care in Warsaw -
Society of the Protection of Animals-Poland - No website - email:
Liga Portuguesa dos Direitos do Animal (Nat.) -
Listing of Portuguese Animal Associations -
Pro Animals -
ROLDA & Romania Animal Rescue -
Aid for Stray Dogs -
Russian Society for. Protection of Animals - 2nd Neopalimovski per.3, Moscow 119121: Tel: + 7 (95) 247 1704:Fax: + 7 (95) 246 7556
Murmansk Animal Welfare Center - No website - email:
Serbia and Montenegro
European Initiative 17 -
Friends of Animals -
(ORCA)-Organizacija za postovanje i brigu o zivotinjama -
Serbian Society for the Potection of Animals (SSPA) - No website - email:
Svoboda Zvírat - Regionalne centrum SZ-Piestany -
Društvo proti mucenju zivali Trbovlje - Trbovlje SPCA -
Društvo za zašcito živali Ljubljana - Ljubljana SPCA -
Asociación Nacional Amigos de los Animales (ANAA) -
SOS Animals Spain -
Pepis Refuge -
 Valle Verde Animal Rescue -
Puppy Rescue in Spain -
Noah's Arc - Murcia -
CHANS - CHarity for ANimals Society -
Société Genevoise pour la Protection des Animaux -
Tierschutzverein Romanshorn, zuständig für den Bezirk Arbon -

Zurich Animal Protection Society -


K9 Tenerife -


Association for the Protection of Street Animals -
Çevre ve Sokak Hayvanlari Dernegi -
Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals - SOS  - No website - email:
Lviv Society for the Protection of Animals - No website - email:
Yalta Society for the Protection of Animals -
West Ukraine Society for the Protection of Animals - No website - email:
Life Centre for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -
Animals Protection Centre "GRETA" -
WAG - Welfare for Animal Global -

This organisation - run by Marijo Gillis, is an international political lobby and advocacy force based in New York City. The purpose of WAG is to expose the brutal abuse and blatant neglect of all animals - companion, farmed, captive, and wild - especially in areas that may lie beyond the interest and curiosity of well funded international animal welfare societies and the major media. Support WAG and help animals Worldwide.

Border Collie Breed Rescue Specialists
If you are aware of any charitable organisation for Border Collies in Europe, please let us know.
Border Collie Rescue organisations
Sorry, no charities specialising in Border Collies known at this time.
This site from the Netherlands has many links to other Border Collie contacts -
We hope the information and links on our pages is of interest to you. Please call again.
If you wish to be included on this page (or know an organisation that should be) please e.mail us
You are Here  >>> Links and Contacts >>> International Rescue >>> Information for visitors from Europe and the EU

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