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Information and links for Irish visitors to our website.
Welcome to our web pages.
The information about Border Collies that is available on our website is appropriate to the breed anywhere in the world. On this page are some links to organisations in Ireland that rescue and re-home Border Collies and other Animals.
Please use any of the links above to find out more about Border Collies as a breed - the Breed Profile and Breed Advice sections contain a growing amount of material and articles.
If you are seeking to adopt or re-home a Border Collie in Eire or Ulster please support the efforts of the ISPCA and USPCA branches, many of which are overloaded with Border Collies seeking good homes. Scroll down and look at the links below.
If you are visiting the UK and want to visit Border Collie Rescue, please have a look at our HQ information pages for contact details and let us know if you wish to make an appointment to visit during your stay in the UK.
We hope the information and links on our pages is of interest to you. Please call again.

Worried about the impact that smoking may have on your pets - has more information
You may also want to visit The American Lung Association for more information about stopping smoking

Galway SPCA website -
 Republic of Ireland


Dogs Trust - Dublin Centre

 This is a brand new centre run by the biggest National UK based dog rescue charity.

People's Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) - Co' Tipperary  -

Eire - SPCA contacts

Irish SPCA - Website


Carlow - Cavan - Clare - Cork - Donegal - Dublin - Galway - Kerry - Kildare - Kilkenny - Laois - Leitrim - Limerick - Longford - Mayo - Meath - Monaghan - Offaly - Roscommon - Sligo - Tipperary - Waterford - Westmeath - Wexford - Wicklow

North West SPCA - Ballina - Co Mayo


WAG - Welfare for Animal Global -

This organisation - run by Marijo Gillis, is an international political lobby and advocacy force based in New York City. The purpose of WAG is to expose the brutal abuse and blatant neglect of all animals - companion, farmed, captive, and wild - especially in areas that may lie beyond the interest and curiosity of well funded international animal welfare societies and the major media. Support WAG and help animals Worldwide.

Northern Ireland

Ulster SPCA - Website

The Dogs Trust - Branch in Ballymena

Border Collies

Joan's Arc - - 071 96 43307 - Joan Emin.


You are Here  >>> Links and Contacts >>> International Rescue  >>> Information for Irish visitors

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