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Be aware - There are professional dog thieves around who steal & sell dogs - or ransom them back to their owners.
Be wise - Get your dog microchipped - it increases the chance of getting it back and you can prove it is yours.
Be warned - Don't buy a dog from a stranger or through a newspaper  advert - you could be buying a stolen dog.

If you have LOST your Border Collie you can contact us and place details on our website - you can also use links at the bottom of this page to contact other organisations who can list your dog as missing.
Please note that we can only accept entries for the LOST DOG REGISTER from the legal owner of a dog.
 We can only accept entries for the FOUND DOG REGISTER from a private individual who is the keeper of a dog that has been found and registered with local dog wardens, a local authority dog warden service or a legitimate registered rescue organisation.
We do not accept entries for the FOUND DOG REGISTER from commercial sources, traders, partnerships or businesses.
If you have FOUND a Border Collie you can contact us and place details of the dog on our website - but first you must contact your local Dog Warden service and register the dog with them and pass their details on to us with the details of the found dog - you can also use the links at the bottom of this page to contact other organisations who can list the dog as found.
This section is for lost or stolen Border Collies / Sheepdogs - to report a lost or stolen dog and submit details for this page or report a dog you have found - e.mail us
If you are unsure of what to do if you have found a stray Border Collie or how the law applies if you find or lose a dog in England and Wales, click here.

To help advertise, find & re-unite missing Border Collie's, we work with Petlog, RSPCA Lost & Found, Battersea Lost & Found, Petsearch,


Lost Dogs - strayed or stolen ?

UK - England - Scotland - Wales - Ulster
Missing - Rosie
Border Collie (black & white with medium length hair) - Aged 6 - Neutered - Microchipped - Leather collar (originally pink/red) with name tag & telephone details.
She went missing from Dunley, Nr. Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire on Tuesday 6th September and has been spotted in Areley Kings, Ribbesford, in Bewdley town centre (Wednesday 7th) and on Tuesday 13th in Chorley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
Contact - Sharon - Tel: 01299 878565 / 07985 023750

Missing - Sasha (Now recovered)

Young Female black /white border collie

Missing from Laighills Park / Cathedral area in Dunblane, FK15 area, (Scotland) on Saturday, 16th July 2011

Sasha was found, safe and well, near Alva on 5/8/2011 and is now reunited with her owners.




Blue Merle Female Border Collie, 4 Months Old stolen from

Trebarron Garden Centre, Newton-le-Willows,

  Near Warrington, WA12 area, on

Saturday, 23rd April 2011

CROFT gold cage with Indie inside stolen from car.

She is MICROCHIPPED, with distinctive

 bright blue eyes.

 Police have issued a Crime Number


There is a CASH REWARD for INDIE's safe return

01744 895583 or 07973 981747





Female Border Collie 9 years old (spayed) tri-coloured, disappeared from our smallholding just outside Liskeard 16th Feb 2011.
Sky is very friendly with a lovely nature, she makes a very distinctive "whining" sound when she's excited as if she's talking to you, she tolerates other dogs but dislikes cats.
We are desperate for her safe return.  Any information please call 07794 931340





Liver & White Male Springer Spaniel X Collie (Age: 12 months)

Missing from St Breward, Bodmin. He went missing from home on Bodmin moor near De Lank Waterworks on Monday 7th February 2011, PL30 area, (South West)

Oscar is 12 month old Springer Collie cross. Our home is surrounded by fields so Oscar could have gone in any direction. He is very friendly and social with other dogs but maybe scared as he has been missing over a month. Oscar has a white mussel on 3 brown beauty spots in a row on his left side and one larger one on his right side of his mussel. His paws and chest is also white and he has a white stripe down the middle of his head. Fluffy spaniel ears. He has a very small white tip on his tail.

There is a REWARD for OSCAR's safe return.

CONTACT: 01208 850702 or 07751 208298/07939 726019



Lost - Creech St Michael - Tuesday 29th Dec
MOLLY - Black and white 2 year old Border Collie lost in Creech St Michael midday on Tuesday 29th Dec
Seemed to be heading for the Taunton Bridgewater Canal, no sighting after the centre of Creech,
The dog is very timid and named Molly. She has only lived in the area for one week, carries a tag marked Smith with the phone number below.
Phone John 01823-443271 Taunton


Lost - 21/11/2009   Whitby Beach       
Dog   Tasha          Female         Border Collie    14 yrs      No ID      Tri- coloured, quite skinny, but very active. Ran off after seagulls.    Timid dog.  In Whitby Gazette/ Police/ Dog wardens notified.

        Contact - 01947 603049

Stolen - Hurworth - Darlington - County Durham - 12th June Early Afternoon

Bodger - freindly male Border Collie - Black and White with standard markings. He has a short muzzle and broad face. Very obedient - Microchipped. Bodger was in a van that was stolen.


Bodger has been found and re-united.

He was let loose on the Moors by the people who stole the van (or escaped). The van has not been recovered.


Contact Caroline on xx or xx

Lost - Ben Nevis - Tuesday 24th March approx' 10 am.

Help is urgently needed to locate a Border Collie lost on Ben Nevis.
Romany is an 11 yr old, tri coloured Border Collie bitch. She is hard of hearing and suffers from epilepsy, requiring a daily dose of Epiphen (30mg) which has kept her fits at bay for 3 years.
We had agreed to take Romany, and her sister Niji (Rainbow), in because their lady owner had died and her husband was unable to keep them due to work commitments.
 Prior to coming to us, the husband wished to scatter his wife's ashes on Ben Nevis, a spot frequented and loved by the couple and dogs, while she was alive. He parked at the visitors centre and took the dogs, off lead, up the tourist path, past Achintree (farm).
Romany disappeared into the mists close to a point where the public footpath from Nevis River joins the tourist path up the mountain, below Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe.
She was last seen heading uphill towards the rocks below the Loch, possibly having scented a deer.. The weather was pretty bad, with mist and snow and in spite of immediate searches in adverse conditions, she has not yet been found.
If anyone lives in or is visiting the area, please look out for Romany and contact us if she is sighted.
Romany is wearing a red fabric collar with a disc with her owners details on.
The image below is an old photo of Romany - we have no recent images as she did not come into our care.
The visitors centre, local mountain rescue, local Police, local radio and local authority have all been informed
Anyone with any information, please e.mail us
Updates on any progress - if any - will be posted here - Romany  - File closed. This dog would now be so old it is likely she would have died of old age - like her sister.


Lost - Thurs 5th February 2009 - Silverton, Devon - 10:30 a.m.
JESS - female - 21 months old - tri-coloured border collie - white, tan, brown and black - medium rough coat - wearing a red fabric collar - VERY TIMID
Jess (centre) - front left leg tan and front right leg white

JESS was purchased from a farm in Wales, and she had been with us for ten days. She disappeared from our home in Silverton, Devon on Thursday 5th February about 10:30 a.m. Unfortunately, a new post man left the gate open; she was slightly spooked, and made a dash for it!!  She has been seen within 1 mile of our home, on Friday 6th February. She likes quiet places, and could be sheltering in outbuildings. She is a lovely, gentle dog and we are very anxious to find her.


If you have any information, please contact Mary Southgate on 01392-861140.


Lost - 1st January 2009 - Stoke on Trent

Now re-united with her owners, she was taken into the local pound on 29th January. It is therefore likely that someone had found her and decided to keep her.

People should be aware that a lost dog belongs to someone, not the person that finds it. To keep a lost dog and not report it or hand it in to the dog wardens is not only theft, but may also be causing suffering and grief to the dogs owners. If you find a dog - notify the dog wardens immediately.

Missing from Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.
She is a black Border Collie cross
She is 12 yrs old but looks a lot younger.
She has a flash of white on her chest, white tips on her rear paws and a broken tooth on the left side of her bottom jaw.

She is missed dearly by her family.

If found please ring Alan.


Lost - Patti - 19th December 2008 - Sherwood Forest

Now Re-united - 28th December 2008

Patti was spooked by windy conditions on the night of December 19th and ran off into Sherwood Pines Forest Park after dusk.

She is timid of strangers. She is microchipped and wearing a brown leather collar with brass fittings and two tags - a green one for BCR and one for her owners.

She is very athletic, big for a border collie bitch, rough coated, ball and scent orientated. She has quite a long snout and her blaze and front legs are white, spotted with black.

Patti has been found not far from her home and is back with her people. She is in good condition and seems relieved.

Anyone finding / sighting Patti, please e.mail us


Missing - Believed Stolen - Oxenhope - Bingley Area - early hours of 28th Nov 2008

Cassy - four-year-old working border collie - black, white and tan, wears a blue collar and has part of her tail missing.

Thieves, who were attempting to steal diesel from the farm are believed to have taken Cassy.

Contact - Christine Blackwell - 01535 642272


Lost - believed stolen - Ystalyfera - Swansea - 26/10/08
Katie has now been returned to her owners
Katie is a Collie x Spaniel, however you cannot see the Spaniel in her.  She is Tri-coloured and very pretty.  She is extremely friendly, but can also be quite shy.  She is medium build.  She would have had a green collar on.  She is five years old. 
Katie appears to have been taken from outside a local Co-op shop by a lady visitor to the area. She may have been taken anywhere in the country.
If you know someone who has recently acquired a dog like this, contact - (details removed)


Lost from - Nr Carlton Bank - Teeside - Wed 22nd October 2008

Ginny -  BC - female -  neutered -  16yrs old - microchipped - black/white - tail white tipped.

Has poor eyesight, is deaf and arthritic. Has noticeable wart on end of nose - friendly - has 2 broken teeth.

Owner is frantic as they were on flat ground and she just disappeared. He has spent every day and up till 11pm at night looking has done everything possible.

 If you live in the area, please keep an eye open for this elderly dog.

Any Information - Contact - MR BISHOP- 01642 819324 - MOBILE -  07787 727726

Lost - 01/10/2008 - Marske area - Teeside
 Dog - Benson - Male Border Collie - 2 yrs - No ID - SH - Full male Black/ white with gingery tint near rear end, very friendly. Police notified - advised Gazette/ Posters.

01642 286319


Lost - Eldersfield, between Tewkesbury and Ledbury - 22nd April 2008



Skye - 3 years old and has no tail. She was wearing a pink collar but is not microchipped. Went missing with terrier at about 6pm on Tue 22nd AprilThe terrier returned some 5 hours later but Skye has not been seen since.


 Contact - Julie Jeffes - 01452 840415 - 07769671969 -



Lost - 14th March 2008 - Ormesby, Middlesbrough.

14/03/2008   Staveley Walk  - Ormesby           Dog   - Fly  - Male - Border Collie        Chipped      4 months   old - White/ Blue spotted collar          SLH  BC Black spot on one of his front legs his coat is very fluffy, very friendly.

Owner thinks he's possibly been stolen. Police informed, advised Gazette.         

Contact -  01642 326788

Lost on Holy Island of Lindisfarne on Monday 7th April 2008



Gyp is only 3 years old, a rescue dog presently on foster from FOSTBC (Freedom of Spirit for Border Collies)

She is a very nervous wee girl who is more likely to hide than approach a stranger.

If you know her whereabouts please call Barbara Sykes on 07715560982.



Lost - Tui - Wheldrake Area near York YO19 - Thursday 20th March
Now found and re-united

 Tui is a 1 year old bitch, black, white and tan and rough coated. She went missing after being scared by guns used to keep birds off crops. She is microchipped, and is wearing a collar but with no ID tags.  She went missing on Thursday 20th March. She is a working border collie and may have been taken in by a farmer. She is very friendly.
 Contact -

Contact removed as dog now -

Found and re-united

Lost - Lotherton / Hook Moor area  - North East of Leeds

Gypsy went missing on Saturday 9th February

Gypsy is tagged and chipped, she's wearing a black leather collar.

She's got a wall eye, and has had an operation on one of her back paws that has resulted in part of her toe being removed.

Please help us find her

Contact Liz - 07766 696535



Lost - Ashford Hill - Hants / Berks border - 3rd Jan 2008

Small female - very pretty black and white border collie - 8 years old - Lost in the Ashford Hill Berkshire / Hampshire border area on January 3rd 2008.

She is micro chipped and her ID number is ID2138278: Microchip Number 826098101243655. The last reported sighting of her was in the Kingsclere area on Friday 4th January 2008.

Dog Wardens in Newbury, Berkshire and Basingstoke & Dean notified and also reported her missing to Newbury Police.
Sandra Tanner can be contacted on mobile 07821647091 or on email

Lost - Knutsford - Cheshire - 1st Jan 2008
Holly was lost on 1st Jan 2008 from Knutsford, Cheshire.  She is 1 year old red and white border collie and has a very friendly nature.  She was lost along with Penny a tri coloured jack Russell.


Please contact  - 7973681226 - if you know where either of these dogs may be



Lost - 16/06/2007 - Long Newton - Teeside

Dog  -  Dude - Male - Border Collie

Chipped   -   4 yrs     Choke chain with union jack tag  - full ID

Black/ white/ tan on back legs white spot on neck/ white muzzle - friendly.

Police/ Dogwardens notified.  Contact - 01642 581026


Stolen - Llanelly Hill, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

Tuesday 13th February 2007

Buster - Short coated black and white wearing brown leather collar and brown flea collar.  22 months old.  (Left of photo)
Lucy - Long coated, black and white, wearing red leather collar and brown flea collar.  20 months old.  (Right of photo)

Any information, please contact - Mrs Janice Reames-Thomas

Tel  01873 832888 or 07977 730094

Be aware - there are professional dog thieves around who steal & sell dogs - or ransom them back to their owners. Be wise - get your dog microchipped and you can prove it is yours. Be warned - don't buy a dog from a 'stranger' - you could be buying a stolen dog.

We understand that Phoebe has now been 'chipped' through the Dogs Trust scheme.






UK - England - Scotland - Wales - Ulster

Found - 10/11/2008     Guisborough Woods      


Dog             Male            Border Collie         7 months app   No ID

Black / white in colour, taken to Waterfall Kennels   

Please contact Waterfall Kennels if you have lost this dog - 01287 634240

Found - 03/08/2008 - Great  Ayton - Nr Middlesbrough


Found stray on land at Woodhouse Farm         Male  Border Collie         Young Adult          Half fabric/ chain   No ID        

Black/ white tummy/ leg, very thin and hungry staying with Farmer.      Contact - 07870 470184



Found - 1/1/2008

Entire male BC - chocolate brown/ white - no chip or other ID - thin and quite matted, but only young and boisterous and very friendly.

Found in Kildale North Yorkshire by farm gates near roadside.

Staying with the finder for the time being

Contact -  Lyndsey Hodgson   - 07815 156720



21/03/2007 Northallerton area - Yorkshire
          Dog             Male          Border Collie          Young Adult           Black leather collar   No ID          LH  Black/ white in colour, very friendly has been looked after by finders .Police/ Dog wardens notified          07738 332446

Contact - DogLost website


TOP is a National website where you can register lost or found dogs of any breed from anywhere in the UK - is another good National website where you can register your lost dog in the UK.
Petsearch UK - an organisation dedicated to helping owners find lost dogs of any breed. Branches all over the UK.
Battersea Dogs Home lost and found - If you have lost or found a dog of any breed in London or within the M25 boundary.
Alfie's Lost Dogs - a free resource for people to list lost and found dogs from anywhere in the UK.
If you wish to read, or return to, our page on what to do if you find or lose a dog in England and Wales, click here.

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