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Border Collie Rescue - The dark Side - Cruelty and Abuse.

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Background to events
Here is an example of how 'justice' works - the story is now over - it did not end well for the dog - in spite of all efforts by so many people to help bring the 'perp' to court and save the injured party - the victim - the dog.

All the links have now been removed, but the story has been left on our files as it was when it happened - lest we forget - it's an eye opener - so read on.

Laddie is a collie that needs our help.  His owner, Klinton E. Kelly , a businessman in Mayfield, KY, appeared in court on 15th December 1999, charged with cruelty to animals, after dragging the dog down the street holding his leash out his jeep window.


The Incident

Laddie’s owner, Klinton E. Kelly, a businessman in Mayfield, Kentucky, appeared in court Dec 15, 1999, for a pre-trial hearing, charged with cruelty to animals. On November 17, 1999, he was caught dragging the Collie by holding his leash out the jeep window as he drove down the city street.

According to witnesses and the Mayfield Police Department report,  Laddie had wandered off about 6 blocks.
A well meaning citizen called Kelly from the tags on Laddie's collar. When Kelly got there, Laddie cheerfully trotted off with him to the jeep.
Since Laddie was damp from a morning rain, Kelly did not want the dog to get the inside of his jeep wet.
At this point, as Kelly drove out of the parking lot, Laddie was trotting alongside of the jeep.
Somewhere between there and four blocks later, apparently,   Laddie went down and Kelly then started dragging Laddie.


Four blocks away, three eyewitnesses saw that Kelly was dragging Laddie with his arm outside the drivers door window.
Kelly stopped the jeep at about this point, about two blocks from his home,  beat the dog with the end of the thick nylon leash, got back into his jeep,  then dragged Laddie the rest of the way home.
According to the three witnesses, the dog was never seen on his feet at this point forward.


The tops of his back paws and back knees had all the skin scraped off.  After being shaved down at the vets’ recommendation, severe bruising was  found around his neck and shoulders. The bruising resulted in severe complications.The skin broke down and required daily debriedment.
For some time there were serious questions concerning Laddie’s recovery. Prior to this incident, Laddie was known to be a cheerful and perky pet. After the dragging incident, he became listless and wandered aimlessly around the shelter and acted like he could not "keep it together".
One minute he was alert enough to seek affection, the next, he was "lost."

The LADDIE Appeal

Laddie has been sent, by the court, to Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter, where he is being held, treated and taken care of until the case has been heard and the courts decide his future. There is significant local concern for Laddie and the animal abuse trial of his owner that started on December 15th.  Letters on Laddie's behalf are needed.  The more the better.
This needs to go as far as we can get it to go! 
Dale, director of Mayfield - Graves County animal shelter,  has checked with the county attorney and e-mailed letters are also welcome!  All letters need to address the importance of not allowing Laddie to be returned to his current owner (if that is your opinion) as well as he (the owner) receive the maximum punishment if found guilty.  Dale has a loving home waiting to place this 13 year old dog in when he is released.
First, we need to flood the judge with letters in Laddie's behalf! Please send any letters of support for Laddie to -
Address removed


Results of the pre-trial hearing:

Klinton E. Kelly pled not guilty to the charge of animal abuse and requested a trial by a jury of his peers.
Judge Royce Buck informed the defence attorney, Richard Null, and the County Attorney, Gayle Robbins, that he would not tolerate any delaying tactics.
He stated,  I did not want Laddie to become just a dog.  Because, in this case he is not just a dog.
Kelly filed a motion to have the "family pet" returned to the family home.   His attorney, Null, stated that Kelly agreed to have no contact with the dog.
Judge Buck asked if Kelly was willing to leave the family home.
Null stated that Kelly wasn’t willing to leave the home, but had agreed to not have contact with the dog or that the dog could stay in other family members households.
Null also suggested that in some cases of suspected child abuse, that the child is frequently returned to the family home, pending final determination. Judge Buck stated that also in cases of child abuse that the child is frequently placed into foster care.
Judge Buck ruled that since Laddie was apparently receiving the proper care and appeared to be recovering he could just stay were he is.
He then ruled that Laddie remain in the custody of the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter and the family members could then visit him anytime during regular business hours at the Shelter.
A motion was also entered to have Laddie examined by a Veterinarian of the Kelly family choosing. Judge Buck agreed to this request. Laddie was examined as requested by a Veterinarian of their choice.
This Veterinarian stated that there is nothing that I can do for him here at this point that isn’t already being done at the Shelter. He also stated that Laddie is probably receiving more individual attention than he would receive at any other facility.

Laddie has become the "Grandfather" and Door Greeter at Mayfield-Graves Animal Shelter.
He routinely herds the cats and kittens to their food dishes at feeding time then guards them while they eat.  He has taken on the responsibility of greeting visitors as they come into the shelter.
Those visitors and staff that don’t show appropriate respect and affection are subjected to his bark. Often, he will also go to Dale, the shelter Director, and tattle on inattentive people. He will grab her shirtsleeve and pull her to the offender. He will also "pull" Dale to the kitchen if the wrong food is put in his food bowl.
His physical status has improved with his mental status.  He is still not steady on his feet. Primarily, one leg is not functioning properly and gives out on him easily. His gait is wobbly.
His regular Veterinarian and the consulting Veterinarian both agreed that he probably suffered a stroke as a result of incident.
When Kelly picked him up and first started toward home, according to two eyewitnesses at that point, Laddie was steady on his feet.
When Animal Control got to Laddie minutes later at Kelly’s residence, Laddie was limp, eyes not focusing, foaming at the mouth and totally unresponsive.
His recovery has been remarkable. Dale McKinney has attributed his survival not only to the excellent Veterinarian care that he has and continues to receive but to the many visitors Laddie has had, in person and the good thoughts and prayers from all over the world.

The NEXT Step

On February 2, 2000, a pre-trial conference is scheduled.
If the charges are not resolved prior to that time, a jury trail date will be set. 
Anyone who knows of a case of animal abuse IN KENTUCKY with a conviction with removal of the animal from the owner, please e-mail particulars to -

Link Removed

Results of the Pre-trial Conference - 2/2/2000

On the 2nd of February 2000, Klinton E. Kelly appeared in court in Mayfield, Kentucky for a pre-trial conference. 

Due to a request for a motion for discovery by the defence attorney and since Judge Royce Buck had previously stated that he would not tolerate any delaying tactics in this case, a jury trial date of 5 May 2000, at 9 AM was set.
The defence attorney also requested that the pre-trial conference be re-scheduled.
A new date for the pre-trial conference was set for 23 February 2000 at 1:30 PM. 

Laddie continues to thrive at the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter.

Keep those e.mails and letters of support coming in - particularly if you are non US resident and feel strongly about such abuse cases. It may help the outcome of the case enormously if the court is aware that this incident is being taken seriously by supporters of the breed all over the world.

Link Removed

Update from 2/4/2000 by Cathy Slayman

Laddie has been making slow strides toward recovery.  We still don't have pictures, as all known pictures of Laddie were subpoenaed. 
Laddie has been becoming the dog that he always should have been.  In spite of the fact that he is "elderly" and will never recover completely from the consequences of his injuries, he has adjusted very well to his current life.  Some time ago, both Veterinarians that have seen him (the attending from the beginning and the consulting of the Kelly's choice) had recommended that he not return to the shelter.   They both agreed that it would be in his best interest for him to be in a home environment.  Laddie has been in foster care with Dale McKinney and her husband, Terry.  Terry, calls him "Pooh Bear" as he enters the house and Laddie can't get to him quick enough!  Otherwise, unless Laddie is herding his cats he is rarely far from Dale.  He adores Dale McKinney and has bloomed under her care. 

Laddie has been doing just wonderfully!  He is still wobbly but has improved a little.  He is walking longer distances.  Both Vets have stated that Laddie should never be allowed outside by himself and never tied out.  He is walked frequently and has improved in the amount of time and distance that he can navigate.  
His hair is coming back beautifully!  He will frequently walk around with his brush in his mouth.  If he sees you sitting down, he will bring you his brush, expecting you to brush him!  After he has been completely brushed, he will strut about.   Naturally, he then expects
to be told, "Oh gee, you're a good looking old man!"  Whenever he gets sad looking, the comment, "You're a good looking old guy!" will put a smile on his face and a little spring in his step. 
He has gained some weight.  He eats 8 cans of dog food a day, 2 cans four times daily.  He will actually bring a can of his food to Dale when it's time to eat.   Also, his food has to be in his personal dish in his raised feeding station or he grumbles. 
Dale can't even adequately describe his attitude changes.  He now has a purpose in life and a routine.  She states that this dog is a genius.  It seems to be a sin how deprived he has been with as smart as he is.  Apparently, he has lived his life as an outside dog with very little human interaction.  Even though he has plenty of clean water in his water bowl at all times, he will open the commode all the way to get a drink.  He actually lifts the lid to its full upright position, drinks, then closes it when he is finished. Naturally, the commode now has heavy books on the lid to keep it closed.  This elderly Collie is still being a herding dog.  He routinely rounds up "his" cats.  He has four cats that now eat with him.  Laddie won't get on the furniture.  He drags a comforter around with him for a "bed."   He also keeps his cats off the furniture! 
The abuse case is set for trial on May 5th.  As of yet, we have found no precedence to allow the court to remove Laddie from his owner, if found guilty.  If any one knows of an animal abuse case in KENTUCKY that resulted in the animal being permanently removed by the court, please let us know.

Time is running out! 
Please, keep this special gentleman in your good thoughts and prayers.  We thank everyone who has continued to support Laddie's cause


Final Update.

Prior to the Court case on 5th May 2000, Klinton Kelly, Laddie's owner agreed to hand Laddie over to Dale, director of Mayfield - Graves County animal shelter and to relinquish all right of ownership in return for the charges being dropped.

Laddie continued to live with Dale and was a celebrity at the shelter. Sadly his health deteriorated over the ensuing weeks and his quality of life became so poor that Dale reluctantly allowed euthanasia in July 2000.

Thus, Laddie's story ended. A sad but too familiar story these days.

All involved did their best but success was limited and nature took over.

Klinton Kelly avoided court but Laddie was at least able to live out the rest of his life free of fear and abuse.

Its up to us all who believe that animals should have their own right and justice to seek changes in legislation to prevent this sort of occurrence in future.



You are here >>> The Dark Side >>> Laddies Story

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