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Recommended Reading and viewing

Some useful books & Video's for the Border Collie Owner

Essential Reading for those wishing to understand the Border Collie breed

Sheepdog Training


Dog Behaviour

General Interests

There have been some awful books written about the Border Collie over the years - badly researched books by people who know very little about the breed - badly researched books that pose questions but never provide answers - even some badly researched books that are positively misleading and dangerous due to the poor quality of the information provided.

We don't list books like that on this site, nor do we list books that simply provide you with easy or digestible answers because that's what  the author thinks you want to read.

You will find well researched books, well written books and informative books, based on experience and facts.

We hope you find the answers you are looking for....................

Essential Reading

BOOK - A Shepherds Watch By David Kennard

Published by  - Headline Book Publishing, 338 Euston Road, London. NW1 3BH.

ISBN - 0 7553 1234 1       First Published - 2004

A superb book outlining the trials and triumphs of a year in the life of a working Shepherd and his dogs on the wild Devon coastline. Click here for more details and review.

BOOK - Understanding Border Collies - by Barbara Sykes

Published by  - The Crowood Press Ltd, Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltsjire. SN8 2HR.

ISBN - 1 86126 280 9       First Published - 1999

There is no doubt about it, this is one of the best books about Border Collies on the market and is well overdue. Click here for more details and review.

BOOK - Border Collies - by Iris Coombe

Published by  - Faber and Faber Limited, 3, Queens Square, London, WC1N 3AU

  ISBN - 0-571-14555-8        First Published - 1978

A wonderful book with a wealth of experience between its pages

BOOK - The Complete Border Collie - by Barbara Swann

Published by  - Ringpress Books Ltd,  PO Box 8, Lydney, Gloucestershire. GL15 6YD.   01594 563800

  ISBN - 0 948955 94 5        First Published - 1995

A comprehensive book covering most aspects of the Border Collie

BOOK - Herding Dogs, Their Origins and Development in Britian - by Iris Coombe

Published by  - Faber and Faber Limited, 3, Queens Square, London, WC1N 3AU

  ISBN - 0-571-14715-1        First Published - 1987

A well researched history, full of relevant information for all who seek to understand herding breeds



Sheepdog Training

BOOK - Whistle while you Work - By Viv Billingham - Parkes

Published by  - Atlantic Publishing, Trevithick House, West End, Penryn, Cornwall. TR10 8HE

ISBN - 0 906899 93 1       First Published - 1998

Click here for more details and review

BOOK - A Way Of Life - By H. Glyn Jones & Barbara C. Collins

Published by  - Farming Press Books, Wharfedale Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP1 4LG.

ISBN - 0 85236 166 1       First Published - 1987

VIDEO/DVD - The Year of the Working Sheep Dog - David Kennard

A beautifully crafted video, narrated by Christopher Timothy which illustrates a year in the life of shepherd, David Kennard and his working dogs. Set on the wild coastal cliffs of Devon and featuring the stockworking skills of 'Greg' and 'Swift', this is a really outstanding film that will not only educate the viewer but amaze and enthral. Well trained dogs working with a skilful stockman in a stunning location.  DVD extended version also available.

Available direct from the David Kennard website at

VIDEO - A Hill Shepherd Trains his Border Collies - Derek Scrimgeour

A beautifully filmed and narrated Video covering the training a Border Collies to herd Sheep, following the kind and gentle methods prescribed by Derek Scrimgeour and illustrated by his Killibrae Bloodline dogs. Well made and informative, the video also gives an insight into the working environment of the Cumbrian Hill farmer.

Available through  - Working Sheepdog News, 5, Vale Crescent, Bishop Wilton, York, YO42 1SU.

VIDEO - Ewe were Made For Me - Bruce Englefield

Available through  - Working Sheepdog News, 5, Vale Crescent, Bishop Wilton, York, YO42 1SU.

A very comprehensive Video covering all aspects of training a Border Collie to herd Sheep by following the progress of a dog and 'first time' handler from selection of the Pup ( to suit the handlers  needs and temperament)  to the first attempt at a Sheepdog Trial.  Along the way the makers manage to provide background information on Health, Diet, Breeding, Behaviour and more. Well made and informative.



Breeding Border Collies

BOOKS - The Principal Lines - Vols. 1, 2 & 3 - By Roy Goutté

The Principal Sheepdog Lines - By Roy Goutté

The Bloodlines - By Roy Goutté

The Principal Show Lines - By Roy Goutté

For more details on these Books  Click here.



Dog Behaviour

BOOK - The Dogs Mind - By Bruce Fogle

Published by  - Pelham Books - Penguin Books Ltd, 27, Wrights Lane, London. W8 5TZ.

ISBN - 0 7207 1964 X       First Published -1990

A Must Read for anyone who keeps dogs.

BOOK - Why does my Dog... - By John Fisher

Published by  - Bantam Book - 1994, Transworld Publishers Ltd, Uxbridge Road, Ealing, W5 5SA.

ISBN - 0 553 40607 8       First Published - 1991 by Souvenir Press

Another Must Read  - particularly for all Pet dog owners.


General Interest

BOOK - A Shepherds Watch By David Kennard

See Essential Reading

BOOK - Sheepdogs - My Faithful Friends - By Eric Halsall

Published by  - Patrick Stephens Ltd, Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants. NN8 2QD.

ISBN - 0 85059 745 5       First Published -1980

Insight into the Sheepdog Trailing world from this sadly missed, kind and gentle author.

BOOK - The Blue Riband of the Heather - By E. B. Carpenter - The Supreme Champions 1906-1988

Published by  - Farming Press Books, 4, Friars Courtyard, 30-32, Princes Street, Ipswich.  IP1 1RJ.

ISBN - 0 582 36197 1       First Published - 1989

Information on the Bloodlines of Working Trials dogs. Well Illustrated.


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