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The Welsh Assembly are now in the process of conducting a second public consultation on their draft -

Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2012.

Information and relevant documents to download can be found on this page.

The original legislation has already been watered down after the first consultation.

We consider it important that as many people respond as possible. The breeders and puppy farm lobby will be responding, arguing their case.

If you oppose the notion of commercial dog breeding or simply wish to see conditions improved within the industry, now is your chance to have a say.
We may not be able to bring about a ban to puppy farms in Wales, but we can make an impact on it with this legislation and improve conditions for thousands of dogs trapped in this trade. Please do not ignore this opportunity to make a difference.
All responses must be in by 27th March 2012
We urge anyone responding to this consultation to do so in as much detail as possible. Although there is an easy option to simply fill in and submit a questionnaire (and that is better than nothing), reasoned arguments have greater impact.
The following documents are .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files.
Click on the link and you will be prompted to download the file. You can save a copy on your own PC.
Covering letter - in English or Welsh
Wales/Wales2012/Dog Breeding Consultation Letter 2011 - English.pdf
Wales/Wales2012/Dog Breeding Consultation Letter 2011 - Welsh.pdf
Explanatory Consultation Document - in English or Welsh
Wales/Wales2012/Dog Breeding Consultation document Dec 2011 - English.pdf
Wales/Wales2012/Dog breeding consultation document Dec 2011 - Welsh.pdf
Impact Assessment of proposed Legislation - in English or Welsh
Wales/Wales2012/Dog breeding Regulatory Impact Assessment - English.pdf
Wales/Wales2012/Dog breeding Regulatory Impact Assessment - Welsh.pdf
Licensing Guidelines for local authorities - English
Wales/Wales2012/Dog Breeding Licenced Premises guidance - English.pdf
The revised draft in full - Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2012.
Wales/Wales2012/Proposed Dog Breeding Consultation Regulations - Statutory Instruments - 20.12.11.pdf
We were sent these documents because we responded to the original draft consultation.
Although we would like to see all forms of commercial breeding banned and hobby breeding controlled to some degree by a qualification process involved in the issuing of breeding licences to private individuals, we are aware this is rather idealistic.
Our current view on the matter of dog breeding and the sale of puppies is therefore based on damage limitation to all involved.
 We have always argued that the best way of damage limitation is to cut out the middle man - the Agent, Pet shop, Dealer.
 We would like to see legislation that combined breeding and sales, thus ensuring that puppies can only be legally available from the people that breed them (whatever the scale of the operation) and not via a third party.
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